Do you know what the biggest mistake I see people doing on their skin healing journey?

Treating rosacea as if it’s a “skin issue”.

(The second is looking for a quick fix, more on that later…)

Rosacea (or acne, eczema, psoriasis, perioral dermatitis) is NOT a “skin issue”, rosacea is a result of systemic inflammation IN the body.

The quicker you can make this shift in mindset and strategy, the quicker you’ll get on the path to healing. It’s a shift from “treating rosacea” to getting to the root causes of rosacea. It’s a shift from “curing” (a cure in the form of a quick-fix pill) to healing by bringing the body back into balance.

So what are the possible root causes of rosacea?

  • an accumulated level of toxicity which burdens the liver
  • a backup up lymphatic system that recirculates toxins within the body
  • IBS, SIBO, leaky gut… all leading to an immune reaction
  • messed up digestion (ex: low stomach acid)
  • a hormonal imbalance which creates a cascade effect in the body
  • blocked detox pathways
  • food toxicity (glyphosate, gluten, pesticides, drinking tap water…)
  • blood sugar imbalances leading to glycation and free radicals


The second mistake I see people doing is looking for a quick fix.

This may look like: 

  • Purchasing “clear skin supplements”, (a total waste of money as you may have noticed)
  • Spending a tonne 💵 on skincare products, hoping it will heal your skin (skincare alone WILL NEVER heal an inner systemic inflammation!)
  • Changing your diet (going vegan? carnivore? paleo?) without a proper assessment if it’s THE RIGHT diet for YOU (or if you have food sensitivities creating an immune reaction…)
  • Treating rosacea with antibiotics (which decimate your gut microbiome which YOU NEED FOR CLEAR GLOWING SKIN) or using cortisone/ivermectin type of creams that will temporarily suppress symptoms but ultimately end up making things worst

What works: doing the foundational work

#1 Rebuilding the gut microbiome ESPECIALLY if you’ve been on high doses of antibiotics

#2 Ridding the body of toxins that are creating inflammation

#3 Adopting the RIGHT DIET FOR YOUR BIO-INDIVIDUALITY which means eliminating foods that cause inflammation in the body

#4 Bringing your hormones into balance

#5 Adopting non-negotiable wellness practices that support your body’s parasympathetic system (a stressed-out mind and body will never heal)

After the foundational work is done, we may move into more specific strategies such as eliminating parasites, supporting detoxification, etc… (The advanced strategies are based on each of my clients’ bio-individuality.)

Your own unique rosacea blueprint is designed using functional medicine tools and is implemented in a way that feels in alignment with your “readiness” to implement changes.

Each of my clients implements changes based on what feels right for them. There is no pressure, no failure, no beating yourself up. (I wouldn’t allow it.

Need guidance on your skin healing journey?

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