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Is looking for a rosacea treatment a trap?

I wanted to address the topic of “rosacea treatment” because it is, unfortunately, the number one search on Google. (More on why it’s unfortunate later on in this article.)

In your search for a “rosacea treatment”, you may have come across top posts that talk about:
• Treating rosacea with topical creams
• Treating rosacea with pharmaceutical drugs
• Treating rosacea with laser technologies

These articles will talk about treating the various symptoms of rosacea such as redness, bumps, pimples, and thickening of the skin. Sometimes there will be a mention of Demodex mites, this is not talked about enough in my opinion.

The goal of these medical rosacea treatments is to reduce the symptomsperiod. Not to heal and not to get to the root cause.

Take this prescription, go home, and good luck.

Rosacea treatment limitations

The problem with this symptom-management approach is that it won’t get you anywhere close to your goal of clear, glowing skin because it does not address the ROOT CAUSES of rosacea.

Most rosacea treatments aim to SUPPRESS the symptoms, but if your skin has reached the point of showing inflammation, don’t you think that she’s trying to tell you something??!! Suppressing the symptoms with a topical cream or drugs is shutting her up instead of actually LISTENING.

Looking for a treatment for rosacea is misleading because rosacea is NOT A SKIN ISSUE, it’s an INNER inflammatory issue REFLECTED ON THE SKIN.

The quicker you can make this shift in mindset and strategy, the quicker you’ll get on the path to healing. It’s a shift from “treating rosacea” to getting to the root causes of rosacea. It’s a shift from “curing” (a cure in the form of a pill) to healing by bringing the body back into balance.

A “treating rosacea” mindset keeps us stuck on the surface level, where the treatment or cure is dependent on a pill or pharmaceutical cream. The problem – again –  with that approach is that you’re ignoring WHY rosacea came about in the first place.

Asking better questions

If you’re accepting the current medical narrative that says that rosacea is “incurable” because big pharma or well-meaning researchers haven’t cracked the code yet, then you’ve stopped asking questions.

Why is it that we’ve stopped asking questions? If the answer is “we don’t know”, does that mean there isn’t a cure? Does that mean there isn’t a solution? Another option? When someone in a white lab coat (and many letters next to her name) says “there is no cure”, does that mean we should stop asking questions and looking for answers? NO!

Why are we giving all of our power to the medical establishment? (Or to our governments!)

And most importantly…

Why have we stopped listening to our body’s innate intelligence?

We’ve gotten so far off the path looking for a “rosacea treatment”, searching for a quick fix, so we can move on with our lives.

But if your skin is showing signs of inflammation – in the form of rosacea –  it means your body is trying to get your attention, but you’ve ignored the signs or didn’t know they were correlated.

By the way, I’m guilty of this as, just like you, I was not taught to listen to my body and to her signs of distress. I ignored the messages my body was sending me for years, and it is only when I committed to my journey to glow and understand what healing holistically really means, that everything changed for me.

Did you know that there’s a link between gut dysbiosis and rosacea? A link between food and inflammation? Pathogens, viruses, SIBO, EBV and rosacea? Traumas and dis-ease? Lots of places to investigate before calling rosacea incurable or resorting to topical or drug treatments, IMO.

“Rosacea treatment” vs “rosacea healing”

If you’re willing to shift your strategy from “outside-in” (fix me, I’m broken!) to healing holistically from the inside-out, your life and health will change drastically.

This is an invitation to take the healing process into your own hands, to learn to truly listen to the messages your skin is trying to tell you, and to honor the magnificent power your body has to heal itself.

You may have rosacea, but you are not broken.  Your skin is not to blame, she’s only the messenger here.


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Taught by Functional Nutrition Practitioner & Skin Herbalist Caroline Dalia Kaliani, CLEAR is a one-of-a-kind online + group coaching program for women who want to heal rosacea holistically.

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